Environment Agency and Ordinance Survey Open Data

18 March 2013 - Kev Kirkland

Many thanks to the Environment Agency and Ordinance Survey (plus Geeks of London) for organising the env[:hack] event at Bristol Uni this weekend. Lots of apps generated in a short space of time, people seem really fired up by environment data.

Here’s some links to the data that was used.

h2. Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has made some data publically available. There’s a few different formats, but they are mainly GIS data:

http://www.geostore.com/environment-agency/WebStore?xml=environment-agency/xml/ogcDataDownload.xml http://www.geostore.com/environment-agency/WebStore?xml=environment-agency/xml/inspireDataWms.xml

They’ve listed some free and Open Source GIS software on the site: OpenJUMP GIS, ArcGIS Explorer Desktop and QGIS.

You can find out more details about the data sets available here:


h2. Ordinance Survey

The Ordinance Survey Open Data can be found here: